Personal Story Video Submission

Why personal story? Simple: Context=Connection

Safe Conversations is all about CONNECTION. Sharing your compelling personal story gives your audience CONTEXT within which to understand how Safe Conversations can impact THEIR lives, too.  Telling your personal story builds rapport, demonstrates vulnerability, and sets the tone for your entire workshop.  

Each personal story is unique; here are a few tips to help craft yours:

  1. Establish a setting. Where does your story take place? Draw your audience in to the place where it all happened.
  1. Define character traits. Who is involved in your story? Let your audience relate to, and maybe identify with, the characters in your story.
  1. Define what’s at stake. Show your audience what YOU needed to fix in your relationship, and why it needed fixing.
  1. Show resolution and the future. How did using Safe Conversations save what was at stake? How did it change your “before” into a better “after”?  

For fun, valuable help crafting your story, sign up for the mentor modules, Crafting your Personal Story (Parts 1 and Part 2) on the Trainer Portal, or email Keva at [email protected] for more information. 

Below is an example of a well-crafted story by Rah Kalon: