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Welcome, please fill out the following information, take a second to read over our Portal Terms and Agreement as well as our Community Guidelines.

Community Guidelines for the Trainer Portal

1. Be kind!
2. Ask questions, celebrate each other’s wins, and connect with others as often as you would like.
3. You are more than welcome to promote your own business, ideas, workshops, and thoughts for future workshop collaborations on this portal. We encourage you to help bring success to one another.
4. The groups on this portal are designed to be Master Mind groups where you all can talk about workshops based on certain ideas, groups, or demographics. Please take full reign of those resources and connect with like-minded trainers.
5. This is your portal. All of these resources are at your disposal. Treat each other as you would like to be treated. And Have Fun!
6. Safe Conversations staff will be on the portal periodically to ensure everyone is having a safe and productive experience.